Where to start:

Understand where your settings are and how to change them. 

Check out my article that has video tutorials on how to locate and change your settings on both a Nikon and a Canon DSLR camera.

Be brave and take your camera off auto!

You'll never get any better if you always grab your camera and leave it on auto. Set some time aside with one of your kids, go outside with your dog, or use any still life in your house - try other settings and give manual mode a try; all it takes is a little practice. 


Read our article on Learning How to Make a Good Exposure

Before taking the leap to learn manual mode, you need to understand aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Using these three settings correctly will give you the tools you need to switch to shooting on manual and get stunning images. 


Learn about White Balance and which setting is best for certain types of light.

Wonder why some images look too yellow? Are some of your images cooler than you want them to be? Read my article about Understanding White Balance here!


Get your focal point correct.

We will teach you how to focus on your subject, moving or still, so that your images are sharp right where you want them to be.


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