What is mommatography all about? 

You found it! A one-stop photo blog that you actually understand and HEY, it’s fun to look at too. Lets make this whole pretty-picture-process simple and enjoyable.  Maybe you just took the plunge and got an expensive camera or perhaps you’ve had it for years but you still shoot on auto. You’ve tinkered with your device, but are met with frustration. Don’t give up just yet.

On mommatography you will find very basic to more advanced how-to’s that will give you great immediate results. It's not just teaching you camera settings. I will help you photograph food better, improve your product shots, and get better portraits of your clients and your kids. You will understand lighting, composition, positioning and styling and receive input from great photographers through my monthly feature.

With a little practice and patience you will be surprised to see how a few quick adjustments can remarkably improve your photos.

Cheers to better images. Keep visiting to see what’s new on mommatography

My goals for you:

1. Learn to shoot on MANUAL mode

2. Understand your aperture, shutter speed and ISO. 

3. Learn how to make a correct exposure. 

4. Understand lighting and how to look for it. 

Meet Alise

Hey! I'm Alise, a mom to identical twin girls, a sweet little boy and married to my best friend. I absolutely love the outdoors- camping, hiking, skiing, volleyball, boating, biking... and I'm lucky enough to live in Utah to enjoy it all. I also spent my early years living on the beautiful island of Maui. The beach has my heart, and so does ice cream.

I studied at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. I love photographing everyday life, finding beautiful natural light, and sharing a bit of it all with others. I hope that this creative outlet of mine, along with some tips, can help you in some way.

Thanks for following!