A Time and a Season....

Over the past few weeks I have reflected on my life and my priorities. I have been a little MIA since my trip to Europe and I've realized that traveling has a way of making you take a step back and re-evaluate your life. Because I missed my kiddos, I took a break from this here blog to spend some quality time with them. I am also pregnant, and am approaching the last few months of having time with these three before another baby enters the scene. 

My head is FULL of posts that I would have written and want to still write; Thanksgiving and Christmas photo ideas, recipes, BLACK FRIDAY camera gear deals... but for some reason I've been holding back.

I can honestly say the last year has been very rewarding and so much fun to share my thoughts on photography with all of you. I have loved your feedback, support and have appreciated each and every one of you for following... but this time away was a reality check on just how hard it is to keep up with blogging and my business. Unfortunately, I know inside that it's time that I put this blog on hold to be sure I have enough time for what matters most to me.  

It is tough to write this; I cannot thank those of you enough who have supported me and followed along, learning and contributing to mommatography. I hope you understand my leave of absence and know that you can still contact me any time with any questions you might have! 

Because I am still getting frequent traffic to the blog, I'm going to leave it up and running. Eventually I might find a way to direct all the information from my blog into an eBook or another resource so that it can still be out there for your benefit to becoming a better photographer! Stay tuned for that. 

I love you all, thanks for everything. I hope you have the happiest of holidays!