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What do YOU Want to Learn More About?

Alright you ladies (and gentlemen)! It's time to hand the cards over to you. I would LOVE to open a little request line to see what YOU want to learn more about. Do you have specific questions about your camera? About editing tips? Lighting? How to improve photos you take with your phone? How to take better pictures of your kid at a sporting event? What gear to get? 

I want to hear from you so I can better help you improve your photography skills. Think about one thing that frustrates you, one thing that is holding you back; let me know if I can write a post for you to help you out! 

How to Improve Your Photography - Ask me Questions Now! -

Okay, this isn't a phone (request line...) or even a computer, but it is a pretty dang cute old TV right? I loved it. I did a film project shooting for an ad agency a few years ago and hunted down old vintage forms of communication. It was a blast! Can you believe how thrilled people must have been when this little tiny box came out? Think of us now with our eighty inch glossy screens hanging from our walls...

Well, I don't have one of those but we've sure come a long way :)

Here's a secret about me: I LOVE shooting film. I have a medium format camera and it's my favorite camera, hands down... BUT I'm a busy mom, life gets expensive and I've used lame excuses to not shoot film very often. I honestly lose sleep at night thinking about that camera sitting in my bag downstairs... I know I love it and it's time to take it out. 

Back to the Q&A. Seriously though, don't hold back! Head to my contact page and fill out a quick form, write me on Instagram or Facebook - anything works! I love helping people get closer to their photo goals; let that be YOU! 

Thanks for following! I love you all!