Feature Friday - Abigale Palmer

It's Aloha Friday! I think of this every time Friday comes around, whether or not I'm living on the islands anymore. Even though I'm not headed to the beach, it is still always a happy thing when the weekend comes around. I apologize for being MIA this week; I was down sick for quite a while but I'm up and running again (well, okay I wish I felt like running! Not quite yet...).  

Today I have a fun Friday Feature for you! Meet my friend Abby Palmer- a talented artist, painter and fellow mom in the creative world. I love her paintings; they are vibrant, colorful and have the tendency to cheer one right up with just one glance. Let's hear more from her! 

Q: How did you get started with painting? 

I have always drawn, like most kids. When I got into Middle School I had a fantastic art teacher and began to realize art was something I would like to work hard at. I despised painting through High School, but at some point during the end of my senior year the hard work paid off and I began to like the art I was making. I applied for the art program at BYU and got in. It was still a tremendous amount of work and continues to be, but now I find joy in the end product. It is so rewarding when other people do as well. Now my end goal is to create artwork that breathes vitality into a room the way fresh fruit or a bouquet of flowers does. I believe what you surround yourself with visually has an impact on your emotions.

Friday Feature - Abigale Palmer - Painter, Provo UT -

Q: What is your favorite subject matter? 

Fruit and historic buildings!

Friday Feature - Abigale Palmer - Painter, Provo UT -

Q: Who are some of your favorite artists or painters from history?

A few of my favorites are Wayne Thiebaud, John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, and Monet. Not only for their beautiful color palettes but also for the way they apply paint.

Friday Feature - Abigale Palmer - Painter, Provo UT -

Q: What sources do you look to for inspiration? 

I love looking through stacks of art books. I have realized I rarely read art books, but I love to browse the large books full of paintings by my favorite artists or discover new artists.

Color inspires me! I love how two colors next to each other can complement each other so beautifully. Especially the colors in fruit. A plum for example has so many colors on the skin and when you bite into it, the red purple of the skin against the gradation of orange and yellow makes me want to stop eating and start painting. 

My kids are also an inspiration for me. Their mark making when they draw is beautiful. The way they use colors is always inspiring. It is instinctive and less contrived than for an adult. 

Friday Feature - Abigale Palmer - Painter, Provo UT -

Abby's work was recently featured for the First Friday Art Stroll in Provo, Utah. Her work will also be part of an event in November called 1.3.5 where all artwork is $100, $300 and $500. It is hosted by the Utah Art Market (@utahartmarket) in Sugarhouse. To see more of Abigale's work check out her website or follow her on Instagram at @abigalepalmer