red white and blue drinks

Fourth of July Layered Drinks!

For the Holiday weekend I thought I'd do a fun patriotic recipe post! I came across these fun red, white and blue layered drinks that are so easy to make and perfect for the 4th of July. 

Fourth of July Red, White and Blue layered drinks!

All you have to do is get three drinks that are red, white and blue and that have different sugar contents. I chose Sobe Pina Colada, Gatorade Blue Cherry and G2 Fruit Punch. 

Fourth of July Red, White and Blue layered drinks -


  • Pour the drink that has the highest amount of sugar into the glass of ice first, 1/3 of the way full. For mine it was the Sobe. 

  • Pour the drink with the next highest sugar content into the glass REALLY slowly, trying to have it hit an ice cube instead of letting it hit the Pina Colada layer to avoid mixing (blue gatorade).

  • Follow with the red layer (or the drink with the least amount of sugar, G2) and pour to the top. Once again, go SLOW. 

Fourth of July Red, White and Blue layered drinks -

Viola! There you have it. I moved my straw after pouring the drink so my white layer shrunk a little, but it's still pretty sweet right? I also wondered if this kind of drink would even taste good; it might have been the hot summer day that helped but I honestly really liked it! It was delicious!

Fourth of July Red, White and Blue layered drinks -

Behind the scenes: I would have preferred one of those white and blue or white and red paper striped straws, but sometimes you have to make due with what you have! We're hosting a pretty big party tonight so I didn't have the time to run around. I love photographing food & drinks can be simple - one patriotic napkin, a straw, a mason jar and a tablecloth in the background. I love my wood table top too. Play around with different angles and materials to find the shot you like best! I didn't like any of the first 10-15 shots I took. The more you shoot, the better your results will be.

My settings: 50mm lens, ISO 250, f/3.2 and 1/250 with a custom white balance setting (K5260) and window light. 

Have a great weekend!!